Arduino For Beginners - 2022 Complete Course (URDU LIVE CLASSES)

Master Arduino Starting From Zero – Learn with Hands-on Activities and Many Arduino Projects.

What You'll Learn
  • Master your Arduino, starting from scratch
  • Become confident to create your own Arduino projects
  • Create an interactive obstacle detection application
  • Build your own Arduino circuit with many hardware components
  • Program the Arduino with C/C++
  • Create an online simulation of the course project
  • Learn through hands-on lessons
  • Practice a lot with 20 activities and a big final project
  • Learn by doing and not just watching
  • Understand the “why” behind things
  • Start directly with the best practices
  • Develop an engineer mindset when solving problems
  • Setup and optimize the Arduino IDE
  • Master digital and analog pins
  • Work with LEDs, push buttons, potentiometers
  • Communicate between your Arduino and your computer through Serial
  • Save values on the Arduino with EEPROM
  • Solve the delay problem with millis and micros
  • Multitask your programs
  • Debounce a push button
  • Discover Arduino interrupts
  • Use interrupts with the ultrasonic sensor
  • Measure distances with an ultrasonic sensor
  • Print text with a 16×2 LCD screen
  • Control the Arduino with an InfraRed remote controller


  • As the entire course can be done with a free online simulation tool, no hardware component is needed to complete the course.
  • But if you want to do the real Arduino circuit (recommended), you’ll need an Arduino board and a few other components (list of components available in a free preview lesson).
  • NO required knowledge in Arduino, programming, hardware, or engineering.
  • Just a motivation to start doing fun and useful Arduino projects.

Who this course is for:

  • Students, Engineers, Researchers, Teachers, Developers, Hobbyists
  • Arduino makers who feel stuck and want to really understand what they’re doing.
  • Software developers who want to discover the electronics/hardware world.
  • Anyone who has a hardware project idea and wants to bring it to the world.
  • Anyone who wants to use fast prototyping for a hardware product, using the Arduino.

Some of the projects that you'll be able to make

Using the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with Arduino - project in pakistan